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Measure Me Friend
Submitted by Jamie
Pair your children up and give each pair string and scissors. Have one child lie down and let them measure how tall he is and then cut the string. Then have them switch. Latter they can compare their strings with their other friends
Flower of Friendship
Submitted by Corrie
Pair your children up and give each pair a flower. Next have them (or if their two young do it for them) split the stem lengthwise. Let each child pick a separate color. Put the two stem sides in different cups of colored water and watch a friendship flower appear
My Friendly Heartbeat
Submitted by Tina
Obtain cheap stethoscopes or make your own (tissue rolls). Pair your children up and let them listen to their friends heartbeats. Then have them exercise for a few minutes and listen to each other heartbeats again. See if they can tell a difference
Fingerprint comparison
Submitted byBarbara
Let the children see that their fingerprints are different from their friends by letting them look at their fingerprints under a microscope.
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