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Matching Socks
Submitted by Rachel
Get your children in a circle and distribute socks to all of your children. Have them take turns finding the friend with a matching sock.
Friend Roll
Submitted by Tracie
Have the children sit in a circle. Call a child's name and roll the ball to that child.
Then call out another child's name and have them roll the ball to that. As the boll rolls to the next child you all chant 'I have a good friend, a good friend, a good friend, I have a good friend and their name is (child's name).'
Friend Musical Movement
Submitted by Nina
Put stickers on all of your children, have them dance around with music until you stop the music. At that point they have to find their friend with the matching sticker.
The Friend Like Me
Submitted by Barbara
Have your entire class standup. Choose one child and name an attribute of that child (brown hair). All The children with brown hair remain standing, while the others sit down. Next, choose another attribute and continue the game until you have the friend that is most similar
Circle throw
Submitted by Carla
Have four or five children stand in a circle. They have to throw the ball to another child and say that child's name when they throw it. The only rule is that they cannot throw the ball to the same child twice until they have thrown it to everyone else in the circle.
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