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How can I help?
What is the best way to print ideas?
Where can I find ______?
I couldn't find enough ideas on your site?


Q: How can I help?

A: There are many way you can help the Everything Preschool site continue to grow and offer great content:

1. The main way you can help is by sending your origninal ideas on themes, articles, book reviews, lesson plans, etc.
2. A second way to help is to sponsor a portion (or all) of the site. In order to get more information regarding this contact us at support@everythingpreschool.

Q: How do I print? A: Currently your best bet is to:

1. highlight the text
2. go to: Edit >> Copy on the menu on the top
3. Paste the text into a text editor (Word)
4. Print From Word

Watch out for "Printer Friendly Pages" coming in the near future

Q: Where can I find ______?

A: We understand that on a site as large as ours it is often difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. If you can't find what you're looking for follow these simple steps:
1. Look at the menu at the top. Could the thing you are looking for fit into any of these categories? If yes click on that category and try to find it, if not go on to step 2.
2. Try the search at the top of the page. Still no luck on to step 3!
3. Contact us, we will help you find it. Note it may take us a couple of days to get back to you.


Q: I could not find enough good ideas on your page.

A: Although we are working feverously we only have so much time to add new themes and ideas. If you can't find something you are looking for we urge you to contact us and we will try to help. Also if you have some of your own ideas for this theme we urge you to send them to us so that we can start the new theme

Q: I found one of my ideas on your page but I was not given credit for it?

A: Unfortunately, this happens occasionally. First we rely heavily on the submissions of our valuable users. We have no way of varifying the originality of the idea. Secondly, our database of submissions was corrupted and the authors were lost. For this reason a large portion of the ideas on the pages are not adequately credited. If you find one of your ideas (without proper credit) please let us know. We will give you credit, or remove the idea from our database at your discretion.