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Who are you?
Why do you do all this work?

Q: Who are you? A: Everything Preschool was founded by preschool teachers and parents that were not satisfied with the amount of preschool information available on the web. For this reason we decided to found our own preschool site dedicated to being a complete source for all of your preschool needs. We are not there yet, but were getting closer every day :)

Soon after two of the original founders quit the group because there husbands got transfered. Later one of the originals quit because it was taking too much of her time away from her children. This just leaves one person working on the site. The real work is done by all of you, the users that submit your wonderful ideas to me for inclusion.


Q: Why do you do all this work?

A: We know the frustrations that teachers and parents go through trying to find get ideas to use to teach their preschoolers. We want information gathering to be easier for you than it was for us.