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Cooked Spaghetti Worm Habitat
Submitted by Paula
What You Need:
  • Paper
  • Spaghetti
  • Paint
What You Do:
  • Have your children create a worm habitat on a piece of paper with paint. Then have them add a spaghetti worm (cooked spaghetti still moist) into their habitat. The spaghetti will dry stiff and stick to the paper.
During camping week paint with fake worms like they use for fishing
Submitted by an Unknown User
What You Need:
  • cotton balls
  • egg cartons
  • google eyes
  • pipe cleaners
  • construction paper
  • paint
  • glitter, any other material that you want to use.
What You Do:
  • Have your children make inchworms by cutting an egg carton lenghtwise. Then have your children use paint to decorate the inch worms and use the other materials for added details.
Stained Glass Apples (with worms in them)
Submitted by Jenni
What You Need:
  • Contact Paper or Waxed Paper
  • Tissue Paper or Construction Paper
  • Leaves (optional)
  • Yarn
What You Do:
  • Give the kids the contact paper (or glue and wax paper) cut out as apples. Then Let your kids make their own stain glass apples. Let them add worms (Yarn makes great worms) to the apples
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