Preschool Winter Animals Science

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Bear Cave
Submitted by Kelli
Create a bear cave right before Christmas break. Then talk about hibernation. Put a stuffed bear in the cave and say that the bear is resting so it will be able to play when they get back
Hibernation Party
Submitted by Leslie
Let the children hibernate one day. They can come to class in their pajamas (tell them to bring their teddy bears). You can make dens out of pillows and blankets. For snack serve food shaped like bears (pancakes, Jell-O, sandwiches, toast, or cookies).
Are You as Tall as a Penguin

Get a life size penguin from your local school supply store and measure the kids against it to see if they are as tall as a penguin
Rank the Bears
Submitted by Felicia
Have a day where children bring their teddy bears to class. You can then rank then have the kids rank them by height, weight, fluffiness, firmness, cutest, cuddliest, fastest, funniest, most lovable, etc.
Water Table
Submitted by Leanne
Add ice cubes too the water table so your children can see the habitat of winter animals.
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