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Non-Snow Snowman
Submitted by Nancy
Build a snow man by moistening packing peanuts and sticking together When your ready to melt it simply put it out in the rain or turn the hose on it.
Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes
Submitted by Trish

Cut a white pipe cleaner into three equal sections. Twist together to make a six sided snowflake. Then tie strings from point to point to form a pattern. Attach the snowflake to something that you can hold it.
For added effect grow crystals on the snowflake, You do this in three simple steps:

  1. Fill a jar with boiling water
  2. Stir in three tablespoons of borax for every cup of water.
  3. Finally, suspend the snowflake in the mixture overnight
Mitten Tree
Submitted by Sussie
After reading the story 'The Mitten Tree' Have your class as a whole to make a mitten tree with mittens you have pre cut.
Submitted by Kelly
Talk about how Igloos are made and how they protect Eskimos. Then have your children try to make one using either sugar cubes and frosting or ice cubes and salt (helps stick cubes together)
Collage Snowmen
Submitted by Hollie
Make collage snowmen just like on "Snowballs" by Lois Ehlert. Use natural food products (raisins, pretzels, popped corn, etc)
Mitten Cookies
Submitted by Carol
Using a mitten cookie cutter give each of your children a mitten cookie for snack.
Soapy Snowman
Submitted by Betty
Grate soap with a grater. Make a snowman using your grated soap and a little water. Looks neat and smells great
Snowmen Puppets
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Make snowmen puppets for your children to play with.
Who's Here Mitten
Submitted by Paula
Create a mitten for each child and write their name on it. Every day when they come in have your children put their mitten on a clothesline in your classroom
Snowflake Gift
Submitted by Karen
For a fun/cute gift for your parents have them create a snowflake from a coffee filter or doily. Simply brush on some glue and sprinkle with glitter. Finally add this 'Snowflake Poem' to it:

This is my snowflake, I made it myself.
If it were real, it would quickly melt.
It wouldn't be around forever and ever.
But there is one thing that won't leave us, no, never.
It is God's Love for each of us all.
He will never leave us, He's there when we call.
So if I feel sad or just need a friend,
I can always turn to God, on Him I can depend!

Snowball Fight
Submitted by Linda
Have an indoor snowball fight using rolled up paper or socks or large marshmallows or cotton or balled up newspaper or balled up toilet paper or large pompoms
To add snowflakes to your classroom try coating mini pretzels with white paint and then gluing four together in a circle
Submitted by Hollie
Ice Man
Submitted by Frances
Fill three balloons with water (one big, one medium, one small). Let freeze overnight. Peel the balloon off and stack the balls (use salt between to help them melt and stick together. Now let your children clothe him, put a carrot nose, stick arms, etc.
Footprints in the Snow
Submitted by Angela
Have your children step in gray paint and then walk across a piece of butcher paper. It will look like they are walking through snow. For added effect make animal prints around your childrens.
Submitted by Carol
Have Snow for a snack by freezing a clear drink and then using an Icee maker or blender.
Snowy Milkshake
Submitted by Irene
Make a milkshake from snow by adding a cup of milk, vanilla abstract, and ½ cup sugar to snow. This will take some time to figure out the correct ratios, but it taste great!
Winter Wonderland
Submitted by Amy
Set up a winter wonderland area in your classroom
  • Provide the children with coats, mittens, scarfs
  • Use fake snow (cotton, egg shells, flour, sugar, laundry soap, white sand, mashed potatoes, etc.)
  • Provide Snow ball fight material (Use Large Pompoms, rolled up paper, socks, large marshmallows, cotton, balled up newspaper, balled up toilet paper, etc.)
Hot Chocolate
Submitted by Tonya
Have the old favorite for a winter snack. Add a little ice so that it is warm but will not burn your children.
Frozen Juice
Submitted by Louis
For a fun activity during winter. Have your children pick their favorite drink (fruit punch, apple juice, etc) and then pour this into an ice cube tray. Have them write their name on a popsicle stick and put that in the tray. Finally put this outside and let it freeze (if it is not cold enough you can put it in the freezer) Then your children can have a yummy igloo block for snack
Frozen Kool-Aid
Submitted by Gayle
For a fun/exciting activity, give each of your children a gallon Zip-Loc bag full of crushed ice. Next give them liquid Kool-Aid in a smaller bag. Add ice crème salt to the gallon bag and put the smaller bag in it. The Kool-Aid will freeze quickly.
The Mitten
Submitted by Michelle
Let your children act out the story 'The Mitten' by Jan Brett. Printable masks are available by following this link: Mitten Masks
Pancake Snowmen
Submitted by Mandy
This is a fun cute snack! Give each of your children three pancakes of different sizes. They can put them in the shape of a snowman and add powdered sugar to add snow to it.
Snack Snowman
Submitted by Fran
Use a small sugar donut for the base, a donut hole on top, add facial features with red hots. Really cute and delicious!
Snowman Face Snack
Submitted by Betty
Give each of your children rice cakes. Let them frost them with either crème cheese or frosting. Add raising (or chocolate chips) for facial features, with a baby carrot nose
Marshmallow Snowmen
Submitted by Paula
This is a cute snack. Use frosting to attach each piece. Use two large marshmallows as a base. Add licorice scarf and mouth. Add raisin eyes and button. Add candy corn nose. Use two small marshmallow for arms and two more for legs.
Icebergs Dramatic Play Area
Submitted by Cindy
Freeze water in butter tubs, put in sensory table with a little of blue coloring and water. Add plastic artic animals.
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