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Who has the Whale?
Submitted by Mary
Cut out several pictures of different whales. Pull types of whales creatures out of a hat. The person that has that creature stands up. The last child sitting wins!
Whale Pokey
Submitted by Kelsey
Play just like the Hokey Pokey
Put your left fin in, take your left fin out
You do the whale pokey and you turn yourself around that's what its all about
Put your tail in, you take your tail out (etc.)
Whale in the ocean
Submitted by Barbra
Have one (or several children) be a whale. The rest of your children must try to cross the ocean (a set space that you specify) and not get eaten (tagged) by the whale . If they get caught then they join the whale to try to catch more fish. Keep playing until everyone is whale
Match the Whales
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Make matching whale cards for different kinds of cards. On one write the name of the whale. Have your children match the whale card without the name to the one with it. You can also have your children play memory with these.
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