Preschool Western Activities

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Cowboy/Cowgirl House
Submitted by Lisa
Add Cowboy/Cowgirl things to your housekeeping area. This could include: Chaps, Cowboy Hats, Cowboy boots, Belt Buckles, Handkerchiefs, Jeans, Bandanas, etc
Pan for gold
Submitted by Annette
After talking about the gold rush. Paint small rocks with gold paint. Put these in sand and let your children "Pan for Gold!"
Wanted Posters
Submitted by Wendy
For a cute bulletin board/gift idea make wanted posters of all your children. Their easy just use Beige Paper and lighly singe the edges with a candle. Finally paste a picture to the paper and write wanted at the top. At the bottom write a description of all of the fun things they do. Use a bulletin board title like "Wanted For Fun"
Play Horses
Submitted by Sarah
Make play horses for your play areas. Simply cut out a horse shape (minus the legs) from cardboard. Use clothespins for the legs.
The School Barn
Submitted by Mandy
Make your dramatic play area into a barn
  • Put hay on the floor (check to make sure no one is allergic)
  • Add a saddle
  • Provide your children with stick horses
  • Decorate with farm animals (horses, cows, etc)
  • Make a pretend campfire in the middle (rolled up newspaper with yellow and orange crepe paper)
Sheriff's Star
Submitted by Nancy
Give your children Sheriff's stars. Simply cut out a star shape (with round corners) from metallic contact paper.
Submitted by Carol
Let your children sleep in tents around a pretend campfire during nap.
Covered Wagon
Submitted by Hollie
On top of a table set up the poles for a small tent. Cover this with white butcher paper. In the front put stick horses.
Submitted by Nancy
Make Flapjacks for snack
Note: Flapjacks are really just pancakes but your children will love calling them flapjacks.
More Snack Ideas
Submitted by Jenni
  • Beanie Weenies around a campfire
  • Smores
  • Trail Mix
  • Biscuits
  • Pretzels and Salsa
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