Preschool Weather Science

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Weather Dial
Submitted by Tonya
Divide a paper plate into four different sections and draw a different weather day (sunny day, rainy day, cloudy day, and snowy day) in each section. Make an arrow and poke a hole through the center of the plate and arrow. On each day have a child look out the window and then change the weather dial to what the weather is that day.
Bag of Rain
Submitted by Pamela
Put a little soil and grass in the bottom of a Zip-Loc bag. Pour a couple of spoonfuls of water over the grass. Blow up the bag (seal all but a one side and blow up the bag with a straw and then seal the rest of the way). Tape the bag to a window that receives a lot of sun. After a while, you may see drops of water forming at the top of the bag once a drop gets large big enough it will roll down the sides. WALA…Your children can watch a bag of rain!
Graph the Weather
Submitted by Alexis
Create a chart with sunny day, rainy day, cloudy day, and snowy day and graph the days weather for about a month. My children loved looking back and seeing around
Suns Energy
Submitted by Corrie
Fill the four Zip-Loc bags with water, and seal tightly. Cover one bag with white paper, one in orange paper, one in black paper, and one in aluminum foil. Talk to your children about how different colors attract sunlight. Then ask them which bag will be the hottest if you leave them outside. Finally, leave them outside for a couple of hours and see which one gets to the highest temperature (graph the results)
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