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Wind and Clouds
Submitted by Susan
After discussing how the wind moves the clouds. Let your children have cloud races by blowing into straws (wind) to move cotton balls or pompoms (clouds)
Blowing Water
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Put a piece of wax paper on your table (tape it down) Then put a couple of drops of water on the paper. Let your children use straws to blow the water around the paper. You can also make a start and finish line and have your children have water blowing races.
Windy Weather Catch
Submitted by Felicia
Blow a light object (scarf, tissue, etc) into the air with a blow drier and then have your children catch them.
Hide From The Sun
Submitted by Lori
Play flashlight tag with only the sun is the flashlight and the "sunlight" hits is it.
What Does the Cloud Look Like
Submitted by Amy
Talk to your children about how people often see different things in clouds. Then fold a colored piece of paper in half. Put a few drops of white paint in the crease and then have your children press down on the paper. Ask them what they think the "cloud" looks like. This activity goes well with the book "It Looks Like Spilled Milk"
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