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Carrot on a String
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Core out the top of a carrot and put a hole in order to hang the carrot from a string. Hang it somewhere where it can get sun. Have children put water in the cored out top. In a few days your kids will love the results.
Celery Stalk Color Change
Submitted by Amy
Place a celery stalk in a jar of colored water. In a few days the stalk will begin to take on the color of the water. You can also split the bottom of the stalk in half and put each half in a different color water. Over time Each half will take on the color of the water.
Baggie Garden
Submitted by Valerie
Wet a paper towel, and drop it along with six white beans into a Ziploc bag. Seal the baggie (leaving air in the bag) and put it in your window. Your children will love watching the beans grow.
Growing Corn
Submitted by Jackie
Put a small amount of popcorn and moist dirt in a ziploc bag. Tape these up to a window where they can get sunlight. Over time you can actually watch corn grow.
Submitted by Lisa
In the dramatic play area set up a greenhouse. Get fake vegetables as well as garden tools, garden gloves, a watering can, and big hats. For an added effect get real dirt and put it in a Rubbermaid container.
Eating Healthy
Submitted by Jackie
Make two faces one happy and one sad on the bottom of a paper sack. Cut the mouth of the face out. Bring several cut outs of different kinds of food. Have the children sort, which ones are healthy (happy face) and which ones are bad for you (sad face)
Potato Sprouts
Submitted by Anne
Suspend a potato over water and over a few days the sprouts will begin to grow.
Bean Counter
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Give your children several dried beans. Have them count out certain number of beans, match them on the basis of color, size, etc.
Fish Tank Garden
Submitted by Rebecca
Show your children how things grow by planting seeds in a fish tank. Simply put rocks on the bottom of the tank (for drainage), add potting soil (from a local hardware store), and let your children plant seeds in the soil.
Clear Garden
Submitted by Tina
Let your children see how plants sprout and then form root systems. Wet paper towels and put them in clear plastic cups. Finally sprinkle radish seed on the paper towel until the seeds are clearly visible. Set the cups in the sun and keep the towels moist, you will have growth in no time
Flowers Food
Submitted by Judy
Put a white carnation in a cup of colored water (darker color the better) and let your kids see how flowers drink water (the flower will take get its color changed as it takes in the water)
Outdoor Garden
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
If you have the facilities make a real garden for your children in a small swimming pool (punch holes for drainage) They will love to work it just like it's a real garden.
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