Preschool Vacations Activities

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Vacation Transportation
Submitted by Courtney
Bring appliance boxes into the classroom to be used as boats, buses, planes, and cars. Have the children decorate them and then use them to take them on a trip
Travel Agency
Submitted by Debra
Set the homeliving area up as a travel agency. Include tickets, travel brochures, posters of different travel destinations, and amps. The children can plan and book their vacations here.
Food from Around the World
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
For snack cook different foods from different areas of the country or world.
Time to Pack
Submitted by Francis
Place suitcases, travel brochures, hats, sunglasses, floral shirts, and other travel items in the homeliving area. Encourage the children to pack for and visit their favorite travel destination.
Vacation Collage
Submitted by Lisa
Have the children bring in pictures from their vacations. Make a classroom map of everyone's favorite places to visit.

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