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Outfit Relay
Submitted by Lisa
Work on motor skills, team building, and dressing skills with this fun game. Separate the children into teams. Have the children stand on one side of the playground place a suitcase for each team with an outfit that each child can easily put on and take off on the other side. When you say go a child from each team runs to the suitcase and puts on the outfit they then run back to their team and put the outfit on another child. The winners each have a turn and put the outfit back into the suitcase first.
What Will You Put In Your Suitcase
Submitted by Gayle
Reinforce ABC's during this group time game. Go around the circle and name what you will put into your suitcase starting with the letter A. For example child 1A-alligator purse, child 2b- bubble gum.
What Should I Bring
Submitted by Amy
Find pictures of different travel destinations. Cut out pictures of items that you would need for each particular location. For example: beach- sunscreen, bathing suit, beach ball, skiing- snow hat, skies, and a jacket. Have the children match the items with the correct travel destination
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