Preschool Transportation Science

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Tracks a Wheel Makes
Submitted by Fran
Let your children drive toy vehicles through several different substances (water, paint, mud, shaving cream, silly putty, etc) Talk to them about the different tracks that is made in the different substances.
Rolling Jars
Submitted by Leslie
Get several Clear Jars of the same size. Put different small materials in each one (a marble, crayon, block, pencil, etc.). Let the children roll them around discuss with them how the items affect the jars ability to roll.
Submitted by Helen
Make several ramps of different heights for your children to play with. Ask them which one makes the cars go faster. See if they can tell you why. If not tell them why.
Paper Airplanes
Submitted by Martha
Make Paper Airplanes with your class. Then discuss what makes them fly.
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