Preschool Transportation Activities

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My Construction Site
Submitted by Dorlesta
Place gravel, sand, and other materials in a sensory table, provide the students with toy bulldozers and trucks to move the rocks.
Vacation Transportation
Submitted by Gayle
Bring appliance boxes into the classroom to be used as boats, buses, planes, and cars. Have the children decorate them and then use them to take them on a trip
Local Helpers
Submitted by Betty
Invite the local fire department or a bus driver to bring their vehicles and let your children explore them
What Will You Put In Your Suitcase
Submitted by Trish
Reinforce ABC's during this group time game. Go around the circle and name what you will put into your suitcase starting with the letter A. For example child 1A-alligator purse, child 2b- bubble gum.
Place to Place
Submitted by Hollie
Put your state map on a table and highlight two major cities. Let your children trace with their finger all the different ways that they can get from one city to the next.
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