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Take A Train Ride
Submitted by Robin
Line up all of your chairs to create a train (or bus). Put numbers on all of the chairs. Then distribute tickets (with corresponding numbers) to your students. Then you (the engineer) can put on an apron and take their tickets and punch a hole in them and return them. For added emphasis add extra props (such as suitcases and maps)

This game can be played for a bus or plane ride also
Red Light, Green Light (or Traffic Light)
Submitted by Lisa
A slight twist to the classic game. Cut out a red and green circle. Attach the circles to short sticks. From that point play it like the classic game, when you hold up the green circle the children walk toward you, when you hold up the red they must stop.
Paper Airplanes
Submitted by June
Let your children make paper airplanes with your class. Then discuss what makes them fly.
Rolling Jars
Submitted by Tammy
Get several clear jars of the same size. Put different small materials in each one (a marble, crayon, block, pencil, etc.). Let the children roll them around discuss with them how the items affect the jars ability to roll.
Submitted by Amy
Make several ramps of different heights for your children to play with. Ask them which one makes the cars go faster. See if they can tell you why. If not tell them why.
Liscence Plate Matching Game
Submitted on the Comment Boxl
What You Need:
  • Large blank flash cards
  • Markers or Paint
What You Do:
  • Make up fake liscence plates to be used in a matching game. Have your children match the plates by number, state, color, etc.
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