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Train Vacation Transportation
Submitted by Gayle
Bring appliance boxes into the classroom to be used as a train. Have the children decorate the train and then use them to take them on a trip
Train Snack
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Use club crackers for the cars, cheerios for wheels, and any other food you want for cargo. Your children will love their edible train.

Candy Train
Submitted on the Comment Box

We are doing a unit on trains in the beginning of December. We make a candy train out of candy bars cut in 1/2 with peppermint wheels. The engine is made with 1/2 a candy bar placed horizontally, then a 1/2 roll of lifesavers is glued on top horizontally with frosting. The other half of the candy bar is glued next to the open end of the lifesavers standing up vertically to make the engineers part. A hershey kiss is glued to the front end of the lifesaver roll and a candy orange slice is glued to the front of the candy bar for the grill. The cars to the train are made out of candy bars cut in half, and then a variety of candy is glued on top for cargo. This is all glued (again, with frosting) to a piece of cardboard covered with foil with licorice train tracks. They are so cute! We read The Little Engine that Could and then have a delicious snack

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