Preschool Tea Party Activities

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Tea and Crackers
Submitted by June
Steep flavored decaffeinated tea bags and serve with animal crackers for a Tea Party. Explain to your children that many cultures have tea and cookies for snack.
Tea Party Today
Submitted by Tina
Read Tea Party poems from the book "Tea Party Today" by Eileen Spinelli. Your children will love them
Tea Party Play Area
Submitted by Nita
Turn a dramatic play area into a full fledged tea party
  • Put White Table Clothes on the Table
  • Put Teddy Bears in the Chairs so that your children have someone to serve
  • Put dress up clothes so your children can look fancy
  • Provide a Tea set
Have a Tea Party
Submitted by Mandy
Invite your parents to come to your class for a tea party. Turn the classroom into a restaurant atmosphere by putting white table clothes and flowers on the table. On the day of the party have your children dress up in fancy clothes (big hats, suit coats, whatever you have). On the day of the tea party the parents sit with their child and enjoy tea, cookies, and sandwiches.
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