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Model Tea Pot
Submitted by Amy
What You Need:
  • Crayola Model Magic
  • Ribbon
  • Water Colors or paint
What You Do:
  • Use a thin layer of Crayola's Model Magic and cut out a teapot with a teapot cookie cutter. While the teapots are still wet, use a straw to make a hole at the top of each pot. After the pieces are dry (usually dry overnight) Let your children use use water colors or paint to decorate the teapots. Use a piece of ribbon to go through the hole to hang the teapot from.
Tea Bag Gift
Submitted by Ginger
What You Need:
  • Paper
  • TeaBags
What You Do:
  • Have your children draw and then cutout a teapot from a piece of paper. Have them decorate the teapot anyway that they choose. Attach this to a second piece of paper folded in half (to form a card). Then on the inside of the card write:

I know that you love me and enjoy being with me.
But sometimes I am rowdy, and busy as a bee.
If you get discouraged, take a gift from me
Prepare the bag inside this card, relax with your hot tea!

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