Preschool Summer Science

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Submitted by Carol
Let your children investigate the sun's rays by using prisms. Explain to the children that similar to the way a prism works a rainbow forms. You can even make your own prism on the wall in your classroom
Submitted by Lisa
Provide your children with several grown Sunflowers and tweezers. Let the children pull the seeds from the sunflower. Afterwards you could use the seeds to feed the birds outside or for an art project
Fry an Egg
Submitted by Val
Explain to the children how some things attract more heat than other. To demonstrate bring two eggs to class. Put break one in a bowl in the shade and another directly on the sidewalk. The one on the sidewalk will fry, while the other will not
What Attracts Ants
Submitted by Sarah
Burry (to the rim) several containers of food in the ground. Put a piece of cardboard on top of the container. In some containers put foods that will attract bugs. In others put foods that won't. Before you put them out ask the children to suggest which foods they think the bugs will like. Check back latter and see if the children are right.
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