Preschool Summer Games

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Water Relay
Submitted by Lisa
Divide your children into two teams. Have each team line up between two buckets (two buckets for each team). Have one of the buckets full of water and the other empty. Give each child a cup. The first team member dips his cup in the full bucket and then pours the water into the next persons cup until it reaches the empty bucket. Do this until the buckets are empty or for a set amount of time (at the end of the time team with the most water in the empty bucket win).
Summer Carnival
Submitted by Tammy
Put on miniature summer carnival for your children. You can play simpler variety of all of the traditional carnival games (fish pond, through a ball to knock over blocks, apple bob, relay races, balance beam, etc).
Water Balloon Volleyball
Submitted by Lisa
Divide children into two teams. Provide each team with a sheet. Have the children grab the edges of the sheet. Place a water balloon onto one sheet. Let the kids toss the balloons from one sheet unto the other until the balloon falls.
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