Preschool Summer Arts and Crafts

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Summer Collage
Submitted by Holly
Collect different magazines with pictures related to summer. Have the children cut out pictures of what they like about summer. Have them glue their pictures to a bright piece and then tell you what their favorite things about summer are. Write what they say under the collage.
Koosh Ball Painting
Submitted by Amy
Hang a long piece of bulletin board paper on your outside fence. Place pans of paint and Koosh balls on the ground. Encourage the children to throw the Koosh balls at the paper. This makes a great design and is a lot of fun. If possible have the children do this activity in the bathing suits so you can hose them off when they are done.
Outdoor Water Painting
Submitted by Gayle
On a hot summer day give your children outdoor paint brushes and buckets of water. Let them paint the sidewalk, walls of the school, or anything else they think needs to be painted.
Kool-Aid Painting
Submitted by Sarah
Sprinkle unsweetened Kool-Aid on a piece a paper. Let the children move a piece of ice over the Kool-Aid. Watch as the Kool-Aid turns to liquid and makes a yummy smelling picture.
Outdoor Chalk Creations
Submitted by Emily
Give children pieces of chalk to draw on the sidewalk or ground. After the children have created their masterpieces give them buckets of water and paintbrushes. They can then paint over their drawings and watch them disappear.
Golf Ball Pool Painting
Submitted by Nancy
Cut out a large piece of paper and put it in the bottom of a plastic pool. Place golf balls dipped in different paint colors on the paper. Together the children can hold the edges of the pool and roll the golf balls around. This makes a great design when you are done.
Colored Water Fence Painting
Submitted by Amy
Hang a long piece of bulletin board paper on your outside fence. Give the children bottles of colored water and let them squirt the paper. This is a lot of fun and a great way to see how secondary colors are made. For example spray blue and yellow water on the paper to make a beautiful green design.
Splatter Fence Painting
Submitted by Felicia
Hang a long piece of bulletin board paper on your outside fence. Give the children buckets of paint and paint brushes have them flick the paint onto the paper. Watch out this can get pretty messy. If you can have the children wear their bathing suits.
Fly Swatter Painting
Submitted by Carol
Hang a long piece of bulletin board paper on your outside fence. Have the children place fly swatters into pans of paint and then swat the paper. This is always a favorite activity.
Sand Box Painting
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Give the children spray bottles with colored water. When the children spray the sand it will change color until they shovel it up. This always amazes the children.
Sun catchers
Submitted by Amy
Cut the inside out of a paper plate for each child. Place clear contact paper with the covering removed over the hole. Have each child stick pieces of bright tissue paper all over his contact paper. When the child is done place another piece of contact paper over the tissue paper. Hang the suncatchers from your ceiling or windows.
Lid Suncatchers
Submitted by Julie
Punch a hole at the top of different sized clear lids. Allow the children to spread glue over the lid and then cover it with bright tissue paper for a stunning sun catcher. Or mix corn syrup and a lot of food coloring, paint the lids with this mixture and let dry for a rainbow sun catcher. With both of these suncatchers thread a ribbon through the hole and hang in front of your window.
Corn Meal Sun
Submitted by Rachel
Cut a large circle out of poster board Have the children paint it yellow with a paint and glue mixture. While the paint and glue mixture is still wet sprinkle the sun with corn meal.
Submitted by Wilma
Help your children paint their own paper plate yellow. After the paint has dries glue yellow crepe paper around the edges and glue sunflower seed in the center. If the children want they can attach a green stem.
Sunflower Handprints
Submitted by Hanah
Use your children's hands to make a summery sunflower picture.
Paint the child hand yellow and place it on the paper. Continue to make handprints until you have made a complete circle. Then let the child use her thumb to make brown seeds in the center. Use green paint to make a stem and some grass.
Blueberry Painting
Submitted by Allison
Celebrate National Blueberry Month during July! Give your children blueberries to look at, touch, smell, and taste. After the children have observed the blueberries add a little water to them and cook them in the microwave for one minute. Have the children help you mush them up. Use the blueberry juice to paint a beautiful blue blueberry picture.
Shadow Tracing
Submitted by Ginger
On a sunny day take some chalk outside and let your children trace each others and your shadow. When the outline is complete fill the shadow in with facial features and whatever you are wearing.
Squiggle Designs
Submitted by Bonnie
Give each child a piece of wax paper. Have them make squiggles and different designs with the glue. Then sprinkle the glue with colors sand. After the glue has dried (overnight) peel the design off of the waxed paper. Hang the creations around the room.
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