Preschool St. Patricks Day Activities

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Hidden Treasures
Submitted by Karen
Spray Paint Macaroni or small rocks with gold paint. Hide these gold nuggets in your sand table or (bean/rice table) and let your children find the gold that a Leprechaun lost.
Leprechaun Footprints
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Use a cardboard cutout small footprint as a pattern to make baby powder footprints on the floor of your classroom. When they ask where the footprints came from don't tell them let them guess. To add to this sprinkle green glitter around and leave the window cracked a small amount.
Lost Gold, REWARD!
Submitted by Paula
Paint many small objects (feathers, pebbles, sticks, macaroni, etc.) gold and hide them throughout your classroom. On the morning of St. Patrick's Day tell your children that a Leprechaun came to your class and lost all of his gold, Leave a black Halloween pot and tell them that if they find his items and refill the pot he will give them a reward. Let them find the items and place them in the pot. During nap time take the pot out of the classroom and leave the reward (Shamrock Cookies and Ice Cream)
Leaky Bag
Submitted by Leslie
Put a path of gold coins (wrapped chocolate, spray painted rocks, etc) down the hall leading to a treat for your class Tell your children that a leprechaun was there and its bag was leaky. Have them follow the trail to their great surprise (cookies, or something else yummy)
Shamrock Lettuce
Submitted by Ginger
Cut a shamrock shape out of a green towel. Sprinkle lettuce seeds on the towel. Over time (watering twice a day) you can grow a lettuce shamrock. Note: try using a spray bottle to water them this will keep it moist without making a mess in your classroom.
Submitted on the Comment Box
Put a shamrock on a green pice of paper then have all the kids write their names (if they are able, if not use a picture) and then use the shamrocks for a boder on your bulletin board
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