Preschool Spring Games

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Watch out for Puddles
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Make pretend puddles on the floor and have your children jump over the puddles without getting "wet" .
What Spring Thing Is Missing
Submitted by Paula
Bring several spring items to circle time and talk to your children about
them. Next place a cloth over the items and remove one or more of the items.
Ask your children to guess which items you took
"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" Role Play
Submitted by Lisa
After reading the "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" have your children act out the stages of a butterfly.
Caterpillar: Crawl on the Ground pretending to eat everything
Cocoon: Role up into a tight ball, and then slowly uncoil
Butterfly: Have them hold their arms out and run around the room
Wind and Clouds
Submitted by Susan
After discussing how the wind moves the clouds. Let your children have cloud races by blowing into straws (wind) to move cotton balls or pompoms (clouds)
Butterfly Match
Submitted by Jan
Create several different colored butterflies. Cut them in half and then have your children match the butterfly halves.
Planting Flowers
Submitted by Lisa
Cut several (ten or more) flower shapes form construction paper or wallpaper scraps and glue the cut outs to craft sticks. Print the numbers one through ten on index cards. Put sand in a flower pot. Have your children draw the number cards and then plant the number of flowers that the card indicates into the sand.
Submitted by Jen
Pair you children off and give them a feather. Tell them to try to keep the feather in the air by blowing it. Explain that the air they are blowing out of their mouth is like the wind outside.
Rolling rainbows
Submitted by Jenni
Take clear plastic soda bottles and fill them with water and put mosaic tiles in them. Now your children can roll the bottles and watch the rainbow colors swirl. Note: Both glue and tape the cap on so that your children can not open it.
Rainbow Bottle
Submitted by Debby
Get several different densities of liquid (oil, water, alcohol, etc) and use food coloring to die each one a different color. Put these in a bottle (oil then water then alcohol) and let your children play with these bottles
Wallpaper Kite
Submitted by Bonnie
Cut out kites from wallpaper. Cut the kites in half. Have your children match the kite sides by the design.
What Does the Cloud Look Like
Submitted by Amy
Talk to your children about how people often see different things in clouds. Then fold a colored piece of paper in half. Put a few drops of white paint in the crease and then have your children press down on the paper. Ask them what they think the "cloud" looks like. This activity goes well with the book "It Looks Like Spilled Milk"
Kite Match
Submitted by Lisa
Cut out pairs of kites from different colors of construction paper. Have your children try to match the kites up.
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