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Team Shirt Day
Submitted by Emily
Pick a day and have all of your children wear their favorite team shirt to school.
Sports Classroom
Submitted by Irene
Make your classroom into a sports paradise during sports week
  • Color paper like lockers and put it in your bathroom
  • Set up areas for many different types of sports in different areas of your classroom
  • Provide different types of sports equipment and balls
  • Take pictures of your children playing different sports and put them on the walls
Mascot Madness
Submitted by June
Pick a mascot from a local college or other sports team and decorate your classroom with it.
Ball Snack

Decorate the top of cupcakes as different balls during sports week.
Energy Bar Snack

Let your children sample energy bars for snack.
Sports Drink Snack

Have sports drinks for snack time
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