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Rocket Launch
Submitted by Patty
Place an Alka-Seltzer Tablet and a little water in a 35mm film cartridge and close the lid tightly. Place this on the floor and stand back. The top will very soon launch (the pressure from the gas causes the lid to pop off and fly about chest high)
Submitted by Francis
Put two pieces of black tissue paper at the end of a paper towel tube and fasten it with a rubber band. Using a small object (pencil, pen, paperclip, etc.) punch several small holes in the tissue paper. Next let your children decorate their telescope however they see fit. When your children look through the telescope and hold it up to a light they will see stars!
Balloon Rocket
Submitted by Betty
Run a string through a straw and run the string all the way across your room. Next attach the end of a long balloon to the string. Blow up the balloon move it to one side of the room and let go. The straw and balloon will move across your room along the string.
Submitted by Laura
Have your children decorate a washer as a planet and a Popsicle stick as the sun. Attach the washer to one side of a piece of yarn and the Popsicle stick to the other (helps to cut a notch in the stick). Tell your children to hold the sun (Popsicle stick) and spin the yarn causing the planet to orbit.
Coffee Can Galaxy
Submitted by Helen
Put black paper around the inside of a large coffee can, then put three marbles (or one ping pong ball in a mixture of white paint and glue. Next take the marbles out and spoon them into the coffee can. Have one of your children shake and roll the can. Finally take the paper out and let your student put stars on the orbit path created by the marbles.
Lite Brite Constellations
Submitted by Anna
If you have a Lite Brite use it to make constellations, your children will be able to see the constellations much better on a Lite Brite.
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