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Moon Rock Throw
Submitted by Annette
Take sheets of paper (preferably paper that would have been thrown away anyway) and crumple them it up into balls. Divide your class into two teams line them up about two to four feet apart and have them toss the rocks (crumpled paper) from one end to the other without dropping it. If they drop it they must start from the first person tossing again.

Alternatively you can put the two teams about six to ten feet from each other and let them play moon rock dodge ball
Astronaut, Astronaut, Alien
Submitted by Dianne
Play just like duck, duck, goose
Balloon Rocket
Submitted by Sarah
Run a thread a string through a straw and run the string all the way across your room. Next attach the end of a long balloon to the string. Blow up the balloon move it to one side of the room and let go. The straw and balloon will move across your room along the string. During playtime let your children blow up the balloon with a bicycle pump and launch it.
Lite Brite Constellations
Submitted by Lori
If you have a Lite Brite use it to make constellations, your children will be able to see the constellations much better on a Lite Brite. Let them make their own constellations during playtime
Submitted by an Unknown Friedn
Make a large Tic-Tac-Toe board. Instead of having your children play with X's and O's Have them play with astronauts and aliens (pictures you photocopied and laminated)
Submitted by Amy
Have your children decorate a washer as a planet and a Popsicle stick as the sun. Attach the washer to one side of a piece of yarn and the Popsicle stick to the other (helps to cut a notch in the stick). Tell your children to hold the sun (Popsicle stick) and spin the yarn causing the planet to orbit.
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