Preschool Snowmen Activities

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Non-Snow Snowman
Build a snow man by moistening packing peanuts and sticking together When your ready to melt it simply put it out in the rain or turn the hose on it.
Collage Snowmen
Make collage snowmen just like on "Snowballs" by Lois Ehlert. Use natural food products (raisins, pretzels, popped corn, etc)
Soapy Snowman
Grate soap with a grater. Make a snowman using your grated soap and a little water. Looks neat and smells great
Snowmen Puppets
Make snowmen puppets for your children to play with.
Pancake Snowmen
This is a fun cute snack! Give each of your children three pancakes of different sizes. They can put them in the shape of a snowman and add powdered sugar to add snow to it.
Snack Snowman
Use a small sugar donut for the base, a donut hole on top, add facial features with red hots. Really cute and delicious!
Snowman Face Snack
Give each of your children rice cakes. Let them frost them with either crème cheese or frosting. Add raising (or chocolate chips) for facial features, with a baby carrot nose
Marshmallow Snowmen
This is a cute snack. Use frosting to attach each piece. Use two large marshmallows as a base. Add licorice scarf and mouth. Add raisin eyes and button. Add candy corn nose. Use two small marshmallow for arms and two more for legs.
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