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Cold Snowball
Fill up a white balloon with water and freeze the balloon. The next day, the children can play hot potatoe/or cold snowball to the song Snowball
Snowball (Sung To: "Are You Sleeping, Brother John")
Make a snowball, make a snowball.
Throw it now, throw it now.
Make a snowball, make a snowball.
Throw it now, throw it now.
Pass the Ice
Submitted by Juanita
Play just like hot potato only with an ice cube. When the music stops clap for the person with the ice.
Color the Snow
Submitted by Torrie
Give your children squirt bottles filled with colored water and let them color the snow.
Color the Snow II
Submitted by Lisa
When it snows, take your old markers outside and let the children color the snow
Snowman Bowling
Submitted by Fran
Make several snowmen from something sturdy. Attach these to two liter bottles. Mark off were the 'pins' should sit and let your children bowl away.
Submitted by Leanna
Bring snow in from outside and let your children build a snowman.
Pin the carrot on the snowman
Submitted by Carol
Just like 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey.'
Snowball Fight
Submitted by Irene
Have an indoor snowball fight using rolled up paper or socks or large marshmallows or cotton or balled up newspaper or balled up toilet paper
Class Non-Snow Snowman
Submitted by Hollie
Build a snow man by moistening packing peanuts and sticking together When your ready to melt it simply put it out in the rain or turn the hose on it.
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