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Shoe Search
Submitted by Lori
Have each child take off one shoe. Then hide them in different places in the classroom. Let your children try to find the shoe. Can also do this as a matching game.
Who's Shoes
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Put all your children's shoes in a pile. Blindfold one child and have them feel around. Once they have picked a pair they have to guess whose shoes they are!
Speedy Shoes
Submitted by Julie
Put all your children's shoes in a pile. Then have half your class stand on one side of the pile and the other half on the other. When you say go the first one to get their shoes on and stand up wins.
Who Would Wear These Shoes
Submitted by Betty
Cut out (or have your children cut them out) pictures of as many different kinds of shoes as you can find. Then ask your children who would wear each one.
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