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Shape Calendar
Submitted by Sally
Make a shape calendar by introducing new shapes each month. It is really simple. Put all the numbers on one shape the first month. The next month add a new shape and alternate shapes. The third month add a third shape and have every third number be a shape. Example: My class started with January Triangle (all numbers were on a triangle), February was circles (1 was on a circle, 2 on a triangle, 3 circle, etc.) March was hearts (1 was on a heart, 2 on a circle, 3 on a triangle 4 on a heart, etc.)
Circle Time Shape
Submitted by Jen
Put shapes in a circle where you normally sit for circle time. When it is time for circle time say that it is time to sit on the blue triangles (or circles, etc.)
Road Signs
Submitted by Betty
Teach your children how different sign shapes mean different things (Octagon - stop, triangle - yield, etc) For added fun make signs and let them play with cars following road signs that you have put up in the classroom.
Shape House Snack
Submitted by Lisa
Use bread for the square house. Half a piece of sliced sandwich cheese for the roof (on its side as a triangle). A rolled up piece of lunchmeat for the door and pickle slices for the windows. This is a cute delicious snack.
Shape Book
Submitted by Betty
Create a shape book by folding large consruction paper in half and then making a page for each shape. I did this by using
  • First Page:
    "Blue Square, Blue Square, What do you See?"
    And then having blue squares on the page (or let the children glue them on).
  • Second Page
    "I see a Purple triangle looking at me"
    And Have Purple triangles on the page (or let the children glue them on)
    On the bottom on the page write "Purple Triangle, purple triangle what do you see?"
  • Continue until all shapes are made
Shapely Cookies
Submitted by Torrie
For snack have cookies cut out in different shapes.
Shapely Sandwiches
Submitted by Ann
Cut your snack sandwiches into different shapes and ask your children if they want a circle, square, etc.
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