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Shape Twister
Submitted by Amy
Put shapes on construction paper and attach them to the floor so that they can not move. Pull shapes out of a bucket and have your children put their foot, their hand, etc on it.
Musical Shapes
Submitted by Trish
Tape Different shapes onto the floor. Have your children step from shape to shape as you play music plays. When the music stops have the children stop and yell out what shape they are standing on.
Shape Elimination
Submitted by Jennifer
Put a different shape in each corner of your classroom (square, circle, rectangle, triangle). Separate your children in four equal groups (have each group stand in a different corner) Have one child hide his eyes and then randomly choose a shape. The student in that shape corner are out of this round of the game. Divide your children equally amongst the corners again. Choose one child that has been eliminated and have them call out a shape. Continue this until only one child remains. This really gets your children to know their shapes.
Shape Cards
Submitted by Candice
Draw different shapes on cardboard cards (for older children make the shapes different sizes and colors). Have your children try to match the cards by shape or color.
Shape Throw
Submitted by Mollie
Divide a piece of poster board into eight sections (heart, square, circle, triangle, diamond, rectangle, oval, star). Have your children throw a beanbag at the poster board. Have them tell you what shape the beanbag landed on.
I Spy Shape Game
Submitted by Mandy
Have your children say "I spy with my little eye a (shape)" Then have your children guess what item in your classroom that they spy.
Shape Bag
Submitted by Courtney
Put different shapes into a bag. Blindfold your children and have them reach into the bag and pull out a shape. Have them guess what shape they have pulled out.
Folder Shapes
Submitted by Tina
Cut out two of several different shapes. Paste one to a manila folder and leave one loose (or put them in envelopes) Let your children try to match the shapes.
Shape Bingo
Submitted by Tina
Play shape bingo with your children! Make a bingo card with different shapes on it. Next make shape markers. Have your children cover the shape you call out with the corresponding shape marker.
Household shapes
Submitted by Lisa
Put several different shapes objects (triangle napkins, round coasters, etc) in a box and have your children tell you what shape these common objects are.
Shape Exercise
Submitted by Betty
Cut out several different shapes (square, triangle, circle, etc) and tell your children that each one represents a different exercise (jumping jacks, twist, jump up and down, run in place) and when you hold it up they should do that exercise. This is great fun
Lost Shape
Submitted by Tina
Have your children sit in a circle, have one child run around the circle and sing the song:
Lost my (shape) what do I do?
Lost my (shape). What so I do?
Lost my (shape). What do I do?
Skip to my Lou my darling
Have Different shapes in the center of the circle and have the child that was running around find the shape.
Shape Dice
Submitted by Kelly
Used square gift boxes to make shape dice.
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