Preschool Safety Science

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Crawl Low Under The Fire
Submitted by Carla
Put up a sheet high enough so that your children can crawl under it. Next have your children pretend to be fire fighters and crawl underneath the fire.
Police Visitor
Submitted by Lori
Call your local police office and ask them if they could have someone come and talk to your class. Most offices will be more than happy to come.
Field Trip Safety Tips
Submitted by Jen
  1. For field trips either get your student matching shirts or have them
    wear the same color.
  2. Instead of writing the Childs name on nametags write the name of
    the school. That way strangers can't call them by name
  3. Use chaperons that are familiar with the students.
Stop, Drop, Roll
Submitted by Bonnie
Get Your children to pretend they are on fire and practice stopping, dropping, and rolling
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