Preschool Safety Activities

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School Bus Safety
Submitted by Andrea
Call your local school bus station or public transportation office and ask them if they will come and talk to your children about bus safety.
Lasting 911 Call
Submitted by Lisa
Copy a large telephone keypad on paper and give one to each of your children. Have them stamp their finger on an inkpad and then dial 911. This helps them really see dialing 911
Field Trip Safety Tips
Submitted by Danielle
  1. For field trips either get your student matching shirts or have them
    wear the same color.
  2. Instead of writing the Childs name on nametags write the name of
    the school. That way strangers can't call them by name
  3. Use chaperons that are familiar with the students.
Police Visitor
Submitted by Oliver
Call your local police office and ask them if they could have someone come and talk to your class. Most offices will be more than happy to come.
Use graham crackers, peanut butter and m&m's to make cute traffic lights
Firefighter Ideas
Submitted by Jene
  1. Make a Fire Truck out of a large box and an old water hose
  2. Create a fireman uniform (a yellow raincoat and plastic fireman hat)
  3. Make a Fire Truck Cake
  4. Have the fire department visit (if you call they are usually more than willing)
  5. Draw chalk flames on a sidewalk and let the children put them out (water bottle)
911 Phone
Make a life size phone for each child and one for yourself. Glue them onto poster board or file folders and cut them out. Highlight the buttons with yellow marker so they look like they are lit up. Have each child take turns dialing 911 and giving their information (name address etc). You pretend to be the 911 operator. You can also "call" them by saying the number out loud as you "dial", whoever has that phone number has to "answer" the phone.
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