Preschool Royalty Activities

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Dress Up
Submitted by Hollie
Ask your parents to donate old clothes, Halloween costumes, etc. Then let your kids dress up as their favorite fairy tails
Block Castle
Submitted by Paula
Put different pictures of real castles in the block area of your classroom. Encourage your children to build their own castles.
Box Castle
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Make a castle out of a large appliance box. Cut out the bottom so the children can stand inside. Next cut the top so that it will resemble a castle. Let them play king and queens inside of it.
Kingly Feast
Submitted by Lisa
At the end of Royalty Week Provide your children with a Kingly Feast:
*Have foods that can be easily eaten with hands
*Buy Goblets from a party store
*Provide Fresh Fruit
Queen of Heart
Submitted by Karen
Make you own tarts from biscuits and strawberry jam. First have your children flatten biscuits and then make and indention with a heart shaped cookie cutter
make a marshmallow castle for snack
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