Preschool Recycling Science

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What Is Bio Degradable
Submitted by Betty
Discuss with your children what is biodegradable and what is not. Then bury things in your playground. A few weeks later dig these up and show your children the difference between biodegradable substances and non-biodegradable items.
Recycle Cans
Submitted by Ollie
Have your children save and bring in aluminum cans (make sure they are clean). You can collect these in a corner of your classroom. When you get a lot take them to your local recycling center and use the money to buy supplies to make a recycling book.
Compost Pile
Submitted by Lisa
If you have an area where you can start a compost pile. This will help your students to learne what items decompose in a compost pile, and what items do not. They can watch fruits, paper, grass, etc decompos and turned into fertilizer over time. Note: This will attract bugs so only do this if you can have if a good way away from the playground
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