Preschool Rain Forest Activities

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Taste the Rainforest
Submitted by Lori
Buy different food found in the rainforest: bananas, star fruit, coconut, chocolate, papaya, papaya, bananas, mangos, etc. Let the chidren try all the different flavors. You can also graph who liked what best.
Rain Stick
Submitted by Betty
Make a rainstick for your children to play with (when shaken or twisted rainsticks make the sound of rain)
1. Hammer nails into Heavy cardboard mailing tubes 1/8" apart, using the spiral seam of the cardboard.
2. Add several handfuls of assorted filler material (rice, beans, etc)
3. Seal each end of the tube securely with tape.
4. Decorate your stick with leaves, grass, ribbon, adhesive-backed shelf paper, wrapping paper or any jungle thing you can find..
Layers of the Rainforest
Submitted by Betty
Create the layers of the rain forest:
  • The bottom " floor" made of soil insects ground animals.
  • Middle layer: "under story" small trees/shrubs Anteaters, lemur, and tree kangaroos.
  • And the top layer the "canopy" with tropical birds, toucans, and monkeys.
Then have an art project creaing the animals of the various levels
Rain Nap
Submitted by Tina
Obtain a "Sounds of the Rainforest" CD to play during nap time. It will be soothing for your children as well as enriching.
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