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Bulletin Board Rainbow
Submitted by Barbra
Cut or have your children cut a large red circle. Then have them cut a slightly smaller orange circle. Then cut a yellow circle slightly smaller than the orange. And so on for green, violet, indigo, and blue. This makes a cute bulletin board border
The Rainbow In The Sky
Submitted by Linda
Take your children outside and show them everything in the sky (clouds, birds, telephone lines, the sun, etc) then have them draw the sky.
Snack Ideas
Submitted by an Unknown User
Rainbow Stew
Submitted by Jen
Cook two cups water, 1/3 cup sugar, 2/3 cup corn starch, When the mixture has cooled put a few spoonful of each color in the baggie, push out air and seal (you may want to super glue so your children can not open it). Know your children can blend the colors together.
Mixing Color Bottle
Submitted by Tina
About Four days before needed or as a group, chop small portions of candle wax coloring put them in bable oil (it takes about 4 days to melt into the baby oil). Once the mixture is melted, color water using food coloring. Next add colored baby oil to the bottom 1/2 of the bottle and the colored water the the top 1/2. Seal the bottles and shake. The colors will mix and then separate again and again. Blue and Yelow Works really well

Alternate Method:
Color vegetable oil with powdered tempra and add to a water bottle. Color water with food coloring and pour into the bottle. Colors will mix to form secondary color when shaken, then separate again when undisturbed. Tip: Super glue the top onto bottle to prevent opening.
The Color Book
Submitted by Michelle
Let your children create color books for each color of our rainbow. Have them bring magazines and cut out things with a certain color. Additionally you can have them draw items with the corresponding color.
Colorful Toast
Submitted by Susan
Pour milk into bowls for your children. Add different colors of food coloring to the milk. Give the kids paint brushes and cookie cutters. Let them paint the bread with colored milk and cut out their favorite shapes. When their done you can toast like usual.
Gelatin Rainbow Snack
Submitted by Nicole
Purchase clear plastic cups, Make all six colors of Jell-O: cherry, orange, lemon, lime, berry blue, and grape. After the Jell-O has set spoon one spoonful of each flavor into clear cup. Top with a cloud of whip cream you have an eadible rainbow.
Colorful Necklace
Submitted by Deb
Give each child a small pile of Fruit Loop cereal. Have your children sort the colors, then string them on a yarn necklace to wear and eat the rest of the day.

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