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Submitted by Blair
Give your children Rabbit ears and let them pretend to be jackrabbits hopping around the classroom.
Rabbits in the Hole
Submitted by Barbara
Tell your children this story about the importance of listening to their teachers in an emergency such as a fire, storm or any other time. The Story goes like this:
  • In the forest there were little rabbits that went to a little rabbit school. One day the teacher rabbit told the little rabbits about woodcutters who came and cut down the forest trees. "When the trees fall down it is not safe for the little rabbits," she said, "so they need to hide under the surrounding rocks". If you ever hear someone yell the special words, "rabbits in the hole," hop as fast as you can into your hole under the rocks where it's safe. The little bunnies listened to their teacher rabbit and even practiced going into their holes under the rock. Then one day, the woodcutters came into the forest and started cutting down the trees. The teacher rabbit yelled out "rabbits in the hole" and all the little bunnies hopped into their holes under the rocks, where it was safe. They did such a fantastic job, that not a single little rabbit got hurt
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