Preschool Pumpkins Science

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Inside of a Pumpkin
Submitted by Jen
Cut the top of a pumpkin and let your children fill the insides. Provide the kids with spoons, bowls, and other objects to explore the pumpking

Note: supervise your children while they are playing with the pumpkins as they could be a choking hazzard.
Growing Pumkins
Submitted by Lisa
Plant pumpkin seeds in small containers and let your children watch as they grow.
Pumpkin Float
Submitted on the Comment Box
Have children guess whether or not a pumpkin will float. Give them a picture of a pumpkin to color and a picture of a bowl of water. Let them glue the pumpkin on top of the water if they think it will float or glue it at the bottom of the bowl if they think that it will sink. Create a graph. Them put the pumpkin in the water and let them observe the results.