Preschool Pumpkins Games

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Pumpkins in the Patch
Submitted by Charlene
Get several pieces of green paper. Label the paper one through ten. Then cut out pumpkins. Let your children place the correct number of pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.
The Pumpkin Grand Prize Game
Submitted by June
Play the Grand Prize Game with pumpkin buckets (can buy during halloween time) and orange ping pong balls. For those unfamiliar with the game: Line up 5 buckets in a row. Have the child stand at the end of the row and attempt to throw ping pong balls into the buckets in succession
Pin the Stem on the pumpkin
Submitted by Candy
Get a large orange circle and then using pin the tale on the donkey rules have the children put the stem on the pumpkin
Pumpkin Match
Submitted by Tina
Make several sets of pumpkin pictures. Let your children match them by shape, color, size, or anything else they want to.
Pumkin Puzzle
Submitted by Cory
Clean out a real pumkin and then cut various shapes out of the pumkin to make a real pumkin puzzle
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