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Pizza Vest
What You Need:
  • Brown Grocery Bags
  • Paint/Crayons/Etc.
What You Do:
  • Cut a bag in the shape of a pizza wedge (point at top of bag, leaving top connected - essentially makes two slices connected in the middle) Then cut a whole in the top for your child's head. Let your children create a different slice of pizza for the front and back. Now they can wear a pizza slice vest!

    Idea: Let your children paint with spaghetti/Pizza Sauce for a neat sensory art project.
Class Pizza
What You Need:
  • Large Piece of Paper
  • Paint
  • Yarn
  • Other Art Supplies of you choosing
What You Do:
  • Cut a large Paper circle. Then have your children make a pizza. They can paint it red for sauce, add yarn for cheese, ham (pink triangles), add pepperoni buttons, etc. There is no limit to the creativity of toppings you can create. If you run out of ideas ask your children they may be able to come up with some. At the end of the day you can slice the pizza and let each child take a piece home.
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