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Pet Food Analysis
Submitted by Ginger
Take a small amount of different kinds of pet food (dog, cat, bird, fish, rabbit food) and place it into Ziploc baggies Let your children take turns looking at and feeling each baggies. Than talk about what kind of pet would eat this food. When the children identify them write the name of the animal and place a picture of it (or sticker) on it of one (i.e. picture of dog).
Submitted by Laura
Put an Aquarium in your room full of fish. Children love to watch the fish swim around. Hint: Don't use ocean animals as they are much harder to take care of.
Humane Society Field Trip
Submitted by Laura
Take a field trip to the local humane society and let your children learn about the mistreatment of animals and talk to them about how much these pets need adopting
Favorite Pet Graph
Submitted by Tina
Prepared a graph in which you print animals names (or pictures) on the bottom. At group time discuss pets and let the kids put a doggie bone (or other pet shape) for their favorite pet. This allows the kids to easily see which pets were favored and which pet was least favored.
Where Does The Animal Go>
Submitted by Lisa
Create three areas, farm animals, zoo animals, and pets (You can use tri-fold project boards, separate sheets of poster boards, or pictures of a barn, house, and zoo). Using small pictures of several different animals let the children place the animals where they should go . Remember some animals can go multiple places This allows you to discuss the differences with the children.
Submitted by Tina
Bring in minnows or tadpoles and let your children watch as they grow.
Sensory Bird Seed
Submitted by Tina
Put bird seed in your sand table and let your children shovel and play with it.
Pet Store Field Trip
Submitted by Julie
Take a field trip to your local pet store
Pet Store Visitor
Submitted by Julie
Ask your local pet store if they would make a class visit. Many pet stores will bring a few pets and visit your class
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