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Where's the Bone
Submitted by Pam
All the children are sitting in circle. One stands in the corner and counts to ten doggy biscuits Meanwhile one of the children in the circle is given a bone to sit on. . All the children chant: Doggie, Doggie where's your bone Somebody stole it from your home. Guess who? Then the child has three guesses of which child it is. Then the cycle continues until everyone has had a turn
Dog, Dog, Cat!
Submitted by Connie
Play just like duck, duck, goose!
Pet/Home Match
Submitted by Torrie
Get shapes of Pets and Shapes of their Homes (birdhouse, doghouse, acquarium, etc.) Then have the children match the animals with their homes.
"Cat and The Hat" Balancing
Submitted by Bonnie
In the "Cat and The Hat" the cat does a lot of balancing. Have your children try to balance different items that you set out.
Trainer Says
Submitted by Torrie
Play just like "Simon Says." Some good commands are sit, stand, jump, play dead, roll over, lay down, etc.
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