Preschool Penguins Science

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Penguins Don's Fly?
Submitted by Lisa
Talk to your children about how penguins do not fly, but can swim amazingly well.
Are You as Tall as a Penguin
Submitted by Janice
Get a life size penguin from your local school supply store and measure the kids against it to see if they are as tall as a penguin
Hatch a Bird
Submitted by Karen
Use an incubator to hatch a baby chick (not a penguin but hatched the same way). You can order an egg from several Internet sites or ask a local hatchery (most will be happy to help out a school)
Penguins live in Antarctica
Penguins don't live in the north pole, only in the south pole. Talk to children about the differences between the north and south poles and what animals live there, and where they are located. Use a globe to illustrate the difference. Talk about the places where penguins can be found. This makes a great geography lesson.
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