Preschool Peace Activities

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Peace Center
Submitted by Julie
Create a corner of the room where children can go when they are not getting along to talk out their problems and get a solution. If they can not work something out have them get a counselor (the teacher)
Peace Headband
Submitted by Amy
Give each of your children a headband with dove prints on it to symbolize the peace and harmony that Dr. King stood for. These are easy to make simply use small white paper plates and draw a line to down the middle of the plate and then on one half draw a second perpendicular line to the first line. Cut along the lines. The small sections work to form the dove wing and tail and the larger section is the dove's body. Have your children cut out circles for the dove head. After the children cut and put the dove together, attach to a headband. I also have olive leaves out of green construction paper to add on the band. I write words on the headband like "Freedom" "Equality" what ever there is room for. After the headbands are complete we have a "Peace March" through the halls of the school
Friendship Snack
Submitted by Susan
Have each child bring in a half cup of their favorite snack (You can offere parents suggestion at this point: cereal, raisins, crackers, etc) when you get all of the snacks mix them all in a huge bowl and serve them for snack. Talk about how different things can go together to make something very good. This helps get the ideas of diversity, sharing, cooperation, and trying new things across.
Change the World
Submitted by Paige
Talk to your children about how Martin Luther King worked to change the world then talk to your children about little things they can do to change the world
  • Smile at Someone You See
  • Hold the Door for someone
  • Say Thank You
  • Give a Hug
Peace Walk
Submitted by Julie
Have your children make signs (just like they did on real peace walks) and take a peace walk through your school
Foot Book
Submitted by Ginger
Get a mans shoe and make a print with it. Cut out several pages in the shape of the print. Have each of your children make a bare foot print on the paper. Put these together to make a book. On the book put the following Martin Luther King Jr. Quote: "Walk in His Footsteps and Change the World"
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