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The Opposite Bus
Submitted by Julie
Line up all of your chairs to create a bus. Put numbers on all of the chairs. Then distribute tickets (with corresponding numbers and some word) to your students. In order for the children to enter the bus they must give you the opposite of the word on their ticket. Then you (the engineer) can put on an apron and take their tickets and punch a hole in them and return them. Once all the children are on the bus you say a word and have them all say the opposite of that word. For added emphasis add extra props (such as suitcases and maps)

This game can be played for a train or plane ride also
Match the Opposites
Submitted by an Unknown User
Make cards with opposite actions and have your children match them or pair up and act them out. Some ideas are: (Stand, Sit), (Up, Down), (Left, Right), (Fast, Slow), (Forward, Back), etc
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