Preschool Olympics Activities

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Gold Medals
Submitted by Felicia
Use red, white, and blue ribbon attached (hot glue) to juice can lids (painted gold, bronze, and silver). Put these in your dramatic play area and let your children pretend to be Olympic Medal Winners.
Olympic Book Fun
Submitted by Barbra
Read "Koala L Lou" By Mem Fox and talk about the Koala in the Olympics
Olympic Snack
Submitted by an Unknown Friend
Give your children gold foil wrapped candy (Olympic medals) to eat for snack.
Olympic Rings Snack
Submitted by Lisa
Give your children 5 vanilla wafers along with colored frosting (red, green, yellow, blue, and black) Have them create the Olympic Rings with these wafers.
Edible Torch
Submitted by Betty
Make a torch with sugar cones, and red, orange, and yellow sherbet and red, orange, and yellow sprinkles.. This is a great Olympic snack!
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