Preschool Olympics Games

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Simulate Olympic Games with Your children:
Submitted by Bernice
Basketball Toss:
Have your children toss a basketball into a small trash can or basket.
Hammer Throw:
Take a tube sock and put a small ball (tennis ball, racquetball, etc) have your children sling it above their head and let it go. See who can sling the ball the farthest.
Have your children throw paper plates as discuss
Throw straws and see who can throw them the farthest.
Obstacle Course:
Set up an obstacle course Having your children crawl under, through, and over obstacles.
Have your children play with flyswatters and balloons
Have children stand on both sides of a net and throw a ball over the net.
Have your children play with flyswatters and balloons
Shot Put:
Have your children throw tennis balls, or softballs like a shot put.
Relay Races:
Have your children run a set distance and hand off a rolled up piece of paper to another student.
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